Fuck Yeah Office Friends
Doug: hey
Andrew: yeah
Doug: with, like, everything going on in Syria
Andrew: yeah?
Doug: I was thinking. We should probably take Bashar al-Assad off the People To Party With list
Andrew: ...
Doug: George Zimmerman too
Andrew: :-(
Doug: #J4TMLA Beverly HillsAndrew: I’m sorry these guys blocked your way to the Zimmerman rally.Doug: lolDoug: King of Slams

Doug: #J4TMLA Beverly Hills
Andrew: I’m sorry these guys blocked your way to the Zimmerman rally.
Doug: lol
Doug: King of Slams

Doug: you know what your favorite song is?
Andrew: what?
Doug: Return Of The Macklemore
Doug: man, we need to get the band back together
Doug: the office friends band
Andrew: I guess we could actually do it over #chat?
Andrew: what do we want to talk about?
Doug: tents
Doug: ladybugs
Doug: jackee
Doug: bone thugs
Andrew: koreans
Doug: chinese office workers
Doug: it's all good
Andrew: all your favorites
Andrew: are back
Doug: i am watching that korean boy band video
Doug: maybe it's not so hard to say goodbye to yesterday


Doug: Yo man
Doug: I heard your mom got a new book out
Andrew: ...
Andrew: oh yeah?
Andrew: what's it called?
Doug: ...
Doug: If I Did It
Doug: ...
Andrew: ...
Doug: :D
Doug: Holy shit
Doug: What the hell is wrong with Katy Perry?
Andrew: ...
Andrew: Nothing
Andrew: Literally not a thing